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Computer Support over 30 years of experience

Over 30 years I helped people with computer problems

Do you need help with IT? We help problems with computers, phones, tablets, software, networks and networkcommunication devices.

Customers are both private and companies

PRICELIST starting from sep 1st, 2023 (Vat 24% included)

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Solve what is the problem, what needed to do to fix it40,00 eur

TRAVELS (amount of km in oneway)

less than 10 km10,00 eur
11-20 km20,00 eur
21-30 km30,00 eur
31-40 km40,00 eur
41-50 km50,00 eur


Laptop picPhone pic
Install Operating system
Windows 11 / 10 (or earlier versions if possible) or Linux installation40,00 eur
Update Operating system
Windows 11 / 10 (or earlier versions if possible) or Linux installation30,00 eur
New computer or phone installation to ready to use
Make new computer or phone ready to use30,00 eur
Software install/Update
Install or Update software to computer or phone20,00 eur
Install external device
Install external device like printer, external harddrive or fix problem20,00 eur


Document scanning to pdf / page
Document scanning to pdf to usb drive or send to email2,00 eur
Document print or copy / page
Document print or copy (color copy)1,00 eur
Data transfer 10Gb
Data transfer for example old harddrive to new10,00 eur


WLAN Network build (5 devices)
Install WLAN Router, config, add devices to network and testing50,00 eur
Undocumented network mapping (10 devices)
10 devices network dokumenting50,00 eur
Attach new device to network
Attaching new device to network10,00 eur

Other network jobs, please ask

Didn't find what you looking for, please ask
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- Bank / Credit card
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  • Pricelist updated. New prices starting Sep 1st, 2023 (30.8.2023)
  • Merry Christmas and better year 2023. We are open when needed all the rest of year (19.12.2022)
  • Domain is now for Finnish pages. Domain is for English Pages (29.11.2022)
  • Starting from Mon 16.5.2022 Jarigames is part of Johansson Invest Group Oy (3284378-2)
  • Jarigames (1464284-8) is closed for business Sun 15.5.2022.